More Than Just a Backpack!

At 18 & 19 years we decided to start our own company. As the expected last generation that can prevent a global climate crisis, we want to be a company which represent values that stand up for a better world.

The Path...

1. Recycled Backpack

More than 140 million tons of plastic are floating in the ocean! Instead of producing new plastic, we use an innovative process that turns old plastic into a material for our bags.

2. Climate Neutral Shipping

By shipping with DHL GOGREEN we can deliver all our products climate neutral to your home. We ship your bag completely plastic-free and use a compostable lactic acid bag as an environmentally friendly alternative.

3. Bicycle Ride

60.7% of total CO2 emissions from road traffic in Europe are caused by passenger cars. This is not only harmful to the environment but also a dangerous risk for our own health. With OAK25, we are encouraging for environmentally friendly, safe and healthy mobility by bike.

4. Sustainable Contribution

Eco-entrepreneurship as well as a conscious lifestyle create the opportunity for a better tomorrow for all of us. You are part of our sustainable statement and only together we can make a meaningful difference.


Small steps for a sustainable tomorrow are not enough for us. We pursue a clear mission to develop an ecological, animal-free and long-lasting product for you and the environment.


Our goal is to be part of a movement that promotes eco-entrepreneurship and actively contributes for future generations with innovative products.


With OAK25 and our backpacks & sling bags we combine a sustainable use of materials, consisting of recycled plastic, with an awareness of environmentally friendly mobility by bike.

Sustainable Lifestyle